The daily life of a woman is now very demanding. She runs all day and she is divided between work, home, family, friends and obligations. So, because you never know what might happen during the day and because you always have to be ready, see the 13 + 1 things you should have in your bag – γυναικείες τσάντες -.

1. Makeup

Always have the basic make-up tools with you, so that you can get ready or freshen up at any time. We recommend mascara, concealer, pocket blush and your favorite lipstick. Add a hair accessory and you will be ready at any time for any occasion.

2. Toothbrush

The toothbrush is an essential accessory for the bag, for all hours of the day, even if you do not need to kiss anyone. With the mini toothbrush and toothpaste, always in your bag, you take care of your oral hygiene and clean breathing for the moment when you really need to kiss someone.

3. Tampons

Every woman is well aware of the reasons why it is important to always have with her the essentials for the difficult days of the month. Even if you do not go through your period, it will be good to always have your handbag with you, in case you forget it in those days, while always a girlfriend who has forgotten her tampons will find her savior in your face.

4. Comfortable clothes

Especially for those who use large bags, you have a good opportunity to carry comfortable clothes or your pajamas in case you need to relax somewhere, where your tight pencil skirt will not be convenient, even if you are for two hours in a friendly house.


5. Nail file

The nails suffer during the day and a file will always be useful for a broken nail. Just make sure you always have the file covered in your bag, if it is metal, to protect your cell phone and other items from scratches.

6. Facial cleanser

Buy a small plastic container and fill it with the facial cleanser you use and always have it with you. As with the toothbrush, it is good to always be ready for your personal hygiene, which always includes a clean face.

7. Eyebrow tweezers

If you are obsessed with your eyebrows, you have already included it in your bag and you are well aware of its usefulness. For the rest, the eyebrow tweezer not only perfects the shape of your eyebrows when you notice that it needs correction, but it is also a very useful for other unwanted facial hairs or “details”.

8. Hand antiseptic

Something for which all your male friends will be grateful, is the hand antiseptic that is valuable and necessary not only for women, but for all those who travel in the city and come in frequent contact with many surfaces and germs.

9. Mobile phone charger

Many times we forget to charge our cell phone while we are at home and realize the lack of battery when it is already late and we are already at work or somewhere else. The mobile charger, which is permanently in your bag, saves you from this concept and if you need to sleep with a friend or spend many hours at your parents’ house, you will always have the flexibility to charge your mobile there.

Maybe one day you will be in such a hurry that you will inadvertently forget to charge your mobile phone or laptop. But if you have a spare charger in your bag, you do not need to worry about anything.

10. Perfume

Ideally you have your own perfume in a small bottle in your bag to renew its action whenever needed. Alternatively you have any perfume in your bag so that you can smell nice, all day long.


11. Sewing box

You do not need to be a seamstress to always have a box with a few needles, two buttons and a little thread. You will save yourself from an overflowing shirt button and a torn skirt, which reveals much more than you want.

12. Mirror

For all the times you have had to see if mint has stuck to your teeth from the mojito and if the mascara has run or if the guy behind you is looking at you, you will have realized the great importance of a small mirror in your bag.

13. Hand cream

The cold dries and dries the hands and everyone appreciates a woman with gently caressing hands. Moisturize your hands often with a hand cream that you always carry in your bag and take care of the softness and health of your skin.

+1. Headphones

Listening to music is the best way to have a good time. This is a great way to avoid contact with those around you by pretending to listen to music and not be available to talk.

None of the above will add extra weight to your bag, but rest assured that you will find everything useful in many difficult situations, such as when you are in a hurry for a morning appointment and you do not have time to fix your hair or get ready for work.

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