5+1 painting colors and how they affect your mood

Sure, painting your bedroom red can sound like a great idea. However, such a color choice can sabotage your sleep. According to many experts, the shades you use in your home can affect both your quality of life and your psychology. So, find out which color combinations are suitable for both the painting of the house and your mood.

Painting colors that never go out of style

So the colors you choose for the walls of your home are very much your feelings. That is why it is important to choose them carefully. Of course, the perception of color is to some extent subjective and personal. However, emotional reactions to certain colors seem to have a common tendency. Gikas Painting Painters can help you choose the right one for every space in your home in New Jersey.

Learn how colors affect your mood

The psychology and combinations of colors in places of hospitality

Red: Have you ever wondered why you often find it in restaurants? Red is a color that stimulates energy and is exactly what people need when they go out to eat with friends. It has been suggested that red can raise heart rate and blood pressure. That’s why it’s not a good choice for a bedroom.

Blue: Do you want to make your bedroom serene or your bathroom look like a spa? Then blue is the ideal color. It contributes to good sleep and creates an atmosphere of calm. Some shades of blue, however, can make you cold. So avoid painting the whole house blue during the winter.

Green: When one sees green, one’s mind automatically goes to the shades of green found in nature. This in turn evokes a tonic and at the same time calm feeling. It fits in almost every room of the house in case you want to give feelings of comfort and calm in the space.

Purple: People have associated purple with something royal and rich. If you want your home to look luxurious, purple is the perfect soil for you. It also stimulates the creative part of the mind, so if you want to have a good and restful sleep, avoid painting your bedroom with this color.

White: White may seem indifferent as a color, but it is suitable to make a space “open” and “airy”. The truth is that white will hardly affect your emotions.

Black: Black is a very dramatic color and has the ability to give the space a special elegance. However, it can also cause feelings of melancholy. Therefore, use it properly and in small doses.

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