Mr. Lhéritier would seem an unlikely determine to spark this mania. He was lifted in a little village in the east of France, the son of a plumber, and he wrote “self-taught” in the diplomas area of his Who’s Who entry. Other than some handsome volumes he revealed to hoopla his collection, there aren’t a whole lot of publications in his property.

Which is a villa, valued at $6 million, with a swimming pool, a panoramic check out of the coast and, somewhat incongruously, a amount of chickens roaming the yard. In an expansive living place crammed with photographs and art, a substantial Tv played a loop of burning logs, appropriate future to a log-a lot less, ornate fireplace.

“It’s a fantastic time to save funds,” Mr. Lhéritier claimed with a shrug.

None of it belongs to him any longer. All of his property have been confiscated by the authorities. A judge has allowed him to continue on living in this article as his situation is adjudicated.

But he appeared every single bit the lord of the manor, sporting an electrical-blue sport jacket around a Hitchcockian frame. With shocking serenity and flashes of wit, he argued that he was the victim of petty French officers, who he thinks were being embarrassed by and resented his achievement. The logic of his narrative could be hard to comply with, and the specifics maddeningly complicated to pin down. He lectured, backtracked, dissembled and fibbed. (In a postinterview e mail, he claimed to be 82 several years old, for some explanation.)

As Mr. Lhéritier thumbed endlessly by means of receipts, catalogs and lists, his show-and-notify lacked neither vigor nor conviction.

“One working day, if you want to be a crook, check with me about it,” he claimed at a person point, smiling. “Because it’s a whole lot of function.”

Seventeen a long time in the past, Mr. Lhéritier crashed by way of the doors of the genteel industry for manuscripts with all the subtlety of a famished wild boar. That Einstein assortment was the initial he divvied into virtual shares. Before long, representatives of Aristophil have been rampaging as a result of auctions close to Europe and the United States, outbidding absolutely everyone for just about anything of good quality.

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