• Coronavirus lockdowns have changed the way Earth moves. (Character)

• Turkmenistan’s federal government has banned use of the phrase coronavirus. (Reporters Devoid of Borders)

AT&T employed Jason Kilar, the previous C.E.O. of the streaming service Hulu, to lead its vast leisure and information empire, spanning HBO, CNN and Warner Bros. The shift will come ahead of the rollout of HBO Max, a extended-awaited streaming services.

Mr. Kilar will replace John Stankey, the longtime AT&T government who has overseen WarnerMedia given that its creation nearly two years in the past. Mr. Stanley experienced appear beneath criticism for his leadership of the device, all through which key executives like Richard Plepler, the longtime head of HBO, remaining. (Mr. Stankey will continue being president of AT&T and a prospect to become its next C.E.O.)

Our colleague Ed Lee gives us his read of the shift:

Mr. Kilar is an unusual option for AT&T, for the reason that he’s an iconoclast. In 2011, when he was running Hulu, he wrote what is probably one particular of the all-time good corporate memos.

It was aspect manifesto, component screed: Television networks aired much too several commercials, and cable bundles weren’t great for buyers, he wrote. Folks will stop shelling out for overpriced channels and will want companies that let them watch what they want when they want. This was in 2011.

Immediately after Mr. Kilar left Hulu, he largely retained a lower profile. This is a massive return to the spotlight for him.

It’s uncomplicated for executives to say their organizations are “recession-proof” when moments are fantastic and a downturn is hypothetical. It’s something else when they are staring down a person of the most unexpected, significant downturns in modern-day historical past. But in latest weeks, some executives mustered the bravery to do just that during analyst conference phone calls.

“We’re not economic downturn-proof, but we are undoubtedly — we sense like economic downturn-resistant.” — Jay Stasz, the C.F.O. of Ollie’s Discount Outlet Holdings (March 19)

“Gaming has confirmed alone to be quite recession-proof. In occasions of belt-tightening, it is the smaller reasonably priced luxuries that endure.” — Ann Hand, the C.E.O. of Tremendous League Gaming (March 12)

“Self-storage has proven to be very resilient in a downturn. It is certainly not recession-proof, but it is recession-resilient.” — Arlen Nordhagen, the chairman of Lifetime Storage (March 2)

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