Dr. Jamie Lynn Linker and Dr. Christopher James Douglas Tems were married Feb. 8 at the Region Club at Mirasol in Palm Seaside Gardens, Fla. David Moriah, an uncle of the bride who became a minister with American Relationship Ministries for the event, officiated.

The couple fulfilled at Cornell College, from which they graduated, the bride with distinction, the groom cum laude.

The bride, 32, is an emergency medical doctor at Sky Ridge Health-related Heart in Lone Tree, Colo. She obtained a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, from which she also acquired a master’s degree in bioethics.

She is a daughter of Dr. Wendy M. Linker and Douglas R. Linker of Ridgewood, N.J. The bride’s father is a controlling director at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Paramus, N.J. Her mom is a retired dentist who practiced in Truthful Garden, N.J.

The groom, 35, is an emergency doctor at the Medical Heart of Aurora in Aurora, Colo. He received a health care degree with difference from George Washington University.

He is the son of Dr. Cynthia L. Tems and Dr. Robin D. Tems of Genesee, Colo. The groom’s mother will work in Genesee as a scientific psychologist offering worldwide telepsychology products and services.

His father will work in Genesee as a corrosion advisor in the strength industry. He was previously a senior engineering expert for Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian national petroleum and organic gasoline organization dependent in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

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