Long tail keywords for SEO – Why not to avoid?

In order to optimize your website, various SEO measures are implemented. Similarly, in order to protect your site from Google penalization, you should implement SEO very cautiously. Long tail keywords for SEO is intended to get search results that are greatly narrowed down. If you are using keywords that are in between 3 and 6, such keywords are assumed to be long tail keywords.

If you are searching for a set of items, short tail keywords are used. For example, Smartphone and digital camera are short tail keywords. On the other hand, if you are searching for the keyword, ‘Nikon digital camera 12MP’, you are looking for specific product information. Long tail keywords for SEO will certainly improve the visibility of your website. It is required to reach targeted customers.


By using long tail keywords, you can increase the prospects in search rankings. There is very little competition for keywords when you implement long tail keywords. The search volume is very little. For this reason, it is difficult to find the keyword in the search database. The conversion rate is very high when you implement Long tail keywords for SEO.

How to implement long tail keywords?

In order to figure out long tail keywords, you should conduct brainstorming sessions. You can search for information through various search engines. You can request suggestions and feedback from the employees, friends and relatives.

By analyzing the product range of your competitor, you can pull lots of information. It is possible to undertake competitor analysis. If you go through the log files, you can understand the long tail keywords that are used by customers. As you pile up information through various resources, you should analyze the information and should select which is relevant for your website. Thus, you can transform your website by updating long tail keywords in the content, layout and the overall website architecture.

How to achieve better conversion rates?

Long tail keywords for SEO will let you enjoy better conversion rates through your website. The conversion rate by using long tail keywords will be very high compared the generic or short tail keywords usage. By using long tail keywords in your website, you can expect at least 5% higher conversion rate. It is true that short tail keywords are required to generate large volumes of traffic.

However, to derive maximum benefits, you should not ignore the role of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords for SEO will let you enjoy less competition. It is the best way to receive targeted traffic from your website.

Even though you do not have great experience and exposure on SEO, you can receive better targeted traffic through long tail keywords. If you would like to take advantage of long tail keywords for better conversion, you should present high quality content.

Visitors who use long tail keywords are the easiest target as they will sign up for your newsletter without any hesitation. Long tail keywords for SEO will generate useful leads to run a profitable business.

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