On Saturday, Mr. Trump acknowledged that his use of the act was a sort of “retaliation” in opposition to these firms.

“If persons do not give us what we want for our individuals, we’re going to be quite hard, and we’ve been very tricky,” he mentioned. “Usually, we really don’t have to use it, but we have utilized it loads. It’s turning out extra and more, unfortunately. And it will work extremely nicely.”

In an job interview, Mr. Navarro claimed he experienced spoken to hundreds of American executives, which include from Basic Dynamics, Raytheon, Pernod Ricard, UPS, FedEx and Honeywell, as properly as New York hospital and regulation enforcement personnel and Mayor Bill de Blasio, to try out to ramp up production and surge materials to incredibly hot places.

The vast greater part of executives had been eager to do whatsoever was asked of them, Mr. Navarro explained. But he claimed Mr. Trump would not hesitate to acquire additional actions less than the act to mobilize field, allocate resources and avoid hoarding in the coming months. He also mentioned Customs and Border Safety, functioning with the United States Postal Company, was geared up to start out seizing black-marketplace exports of masks and other medical supplies.

Mr. Navarro explained that the administration was employing the authority of the Protection Generation Act as a “helping hand” to support companies, but that “when patriotic volunteerism or the invisible hand of the market place isn’t doing work, you might have to have the obvious foot of the D.P.A.”

He pointed to 3M, declaring that the organization had been unwilling to disclose information about the distribution of masks it generates all-around the world and to deliver them to the American men and women.

“It in essence would like to act like a sovereign country in terms of what it enables the United States to have with its generation, and exactly where it needs to export its masks,” Mr. Navarro mentioned. “And in this crisis, there is only a person place and only just one president.”

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