These Things Will Keep Burglars Away From Your Home

It may not be easy to protect your home from every kind of thief just with a security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας. But, there are some things you can do that will prevent thieves from easily breaking into your home.

Don’t leave anything unlocked

Most robberies happen in homes that are unlocked. Never leave doors open even if you are inside the house. Better to be safe than live in fear of some unexpected intrusion at any moment.

Locks are important

Most doors are broken into even if they are security. Extra locks and deadbolts are what will make life miserable for thieves and make it very difficult for them to break into your home.

Keep everything out of your bedroom

Most burglars when breaking into a home usually head for the bedroom where in theory most of the jewelry and money is. Put all valuables in other rooms (kitchen, bathroom, storage) that thieves don’t usually go into to search as easily as they do in the bedroom or living room.

Give light to every corner of your house

Thieves love the dark, so if your house is brightly lit they may avoid entering it. Their main priority may be to steal valuables but they also want to avoid getting caught. That’s why put extra lighting on the outside of the house.

Set the alarm

An alarm is a must in every home. Alarm saves from robberies as just the fact that there is an alarm in a house is enough to stop many robbers from breaking into it.

There are also small alarms that go over doors and patio doors and start going off every time a door is opened.

Clean your house around

This is more true for single family homes. Do not leave sharp objects outside the house and try not to have flowers and plants in front of windows because they are the perfect hiding place for robbers.

Extra information:

Did you know that burglars usually avoid breaking into corner homes? Corner houses are open from both corners and are easier to spot than other apartment buildings.

Don’t display anything of value

For example, if you just bought an expensive TV you don’t need to throw the box in a conspicuous place outside the house. Also don’t leave your bike right outside your door, because then you’re walking around.

Take a walk around your house

Get outside the house and take a walk around the neighborhood. Notice what is visible from your house as you walk down the street outside it. If you see anything of value that can be seen from the road, be sure to remove it.

Do not leave large bushes and large trees directly outside windows or doors.

Put your jewelry in a place where it is not easily found

If you intend to be away from home for several hours or days, put your jewelry in places that are difficult to find. For example, roll them up in your yoga mat and put the mat in a closet or under the bed.

You can also buy special boxes that look like books and place your most expensive jewelry and money that you may have at home. Put these boxes in your library with the rest of the books you have.

Lend your parking space to a friend or neighbor

If you park your car right outside your house or in the parking lot of your apartment block, then lend it to a friend or neighbor so that they can park their car there while you are gone.

Burglars notice various details before breaking into a home. Seeing a car permanently parked in the driveway of your apartment building may deter them from approaching.

Keep Burglars Away From Home

Put up a “Beware Dog” sign to deter thieves from entering your home even if you don’t have a dog.

Create the illusion that someone is always in the house

Most robberies happen in the morning hours when people are at work. When you are away from home create the illusion that there are people in your home. Turn on a light, put on some music or leave the TV on. You can also have the alarm activated to deter robbers even more.

Tip – Leave the radio playing permanently for as many days as you are away from home. The noise may deter some burglars from breaking into your home.

Don’t make your absence from home public

Many robberies now take place with a key accomplice… Facebook. If your house remains empty all the days you will be away it would be a good idea not to publish such personal details on your personal Facebook page. A security door cannot protect you from everything!

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