When will we need water pumping?

In most cases, floods come completely unannounced. The necessity of pumping water becomes urgent, since the fire service cannot deal with every incident immediately. When will we need water pumping? In recent years, water pumping is a frequent work carried out by the obstruction technicians of the company Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου as there has been a significant increase in rainfall in Athens and Attica. This results in flooding of basements, homes, businesses and public spaces.

This is due to the lack of maintenance of the wells by the municipalities and the climate change that our planet is experiencing. The volume of water increases sharply, water accumulates in the streets, resulting in flooding of basements and ground floors, especially in areas with low altitude. It is therefore urgent to solve this problem, which very often causes loss of property and even endangers human lives.


Pumping of clean and dirty sewage

The blocking company, Antoniou blockages with 30 years of experience, undertakes the pumping of water of all types from houses, basements or any other area with the most modern and powerful machines, quickly removing the flooded water. The company provides solutions to every problem of water pumping, sewage pumping, rain and non-water.

Basement floods during wet weather are more common than floods in dry weather. Rain, water load drainage systems, sewer pipes located underground. With such a load on the surface, there are reasons why water leaks into the basement. Surface inflow or flood to the earth’s surface. During periods of heavy rain or snowmelt, surface water merges around the house or accumulates in difficult areas, such as access roads or sidewalks.

Sealing is considered part of the sewer foundation system. In this category, there are three main causes of foundation flooding, which are generally due to excessive groundwater around the foundation.In the flooded basement you need to eliminate the liquid. The important thing is to maintain the integrity of the basement and, if necessary, to remove the things that flood the water.

Water pump and speed

Such a basement not only has an unpleasant odor, but also poses a great risk of saving the house. Moisture in the basement destroys the floors and walls, contributes to the appearance of mold, can even damage the roof. It is necessary to deal with humidity immediately, because the fungus will damage the property and health of residents.

Some basements are easy to dry, clean the gutters and make a drain in the water from the basement. But if the problem comes from other sources – the fluid flows home to the surface, overwintering from the ground, you need to take more active steps.

Process of water pumping

As soon as water appears in the basement, it is necessary to remove the liquid. If flooding is minor, dry wet areas with a towel and mop. In case of deep flooding, the equipment must be used: well pump, water vacuum. After selecting the equipment you must decide how to remove the liquid from the basement.

The pump will need an outlet to pump water. If the basement is flooded, then the basement drains may not be available for drainage. You will need a hose to connect to the pump to drain windows or doors to drain the liquid. If the rain is over, you will need to open the window to remove moisture from the room. Once the water has been removed from the basement floor, it is time to start drying the area.

If the heating function is not affected by the flood, turn on the heating to a higher temperature to assist in the drying process. It is important to remember to open the windows to release moisture. The heat will evaporate the water into the air. And they also use a fan to circulate air and speed up the drying process.

When will we need water pumping?

Obstruction is a very common problem that we are called to face every day. Sewage from all the bathrooms and kitchens of the apartment building ends up in the well, with the result that the combination of fats, residues, soaps, papers, detergents and food creates the well-known cigar. Then the well starts to clog and malfunction. This results in an unpleasant odor on the premises of the building and other sewage overflow problems.

Sewer cleaning

After the blockage of a blocked sewer, we also recommend cleaning the central sewer of the building for complete disengagement and permanent results. In cases where the presence of insects and rodents has been observed, disinfestation is a task that should also be included to get rid of unwanted visitors and mold.

Trust Αποφράξεις Αθήνα for the immediate unblockage of the wells or the drainage of your house or building as soon as possible and with permanent results.

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